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Start with a Familiar Dataset

Start with a Familiar Dataset

What was the last dataset you worked with? Try uploading it into DataRobot to learn something new about the data. Starting with a dataset you’re familiar with can be the best way to kick off a data science project, especially when you’re looking to get value fast

Is there a column in the dataset that you wish you could predict? Select that column as your target variable to confirm (or get a better understanding of) which which columns/features in the dataset can predict the target. 

(Illustrative example)(Illustrative example)

People or organizations that are just getting started with data science or a new data science project often gravitate towards ambitious ideas that include large datasets and as many features as possible. Though these ideas can be great, it can be counterproductive to use large datasets and lots of features when trying to get value from data science quickly and continuously. Data science doesn’t need to be complicated or resource-intensive, especially with the availability of technologies like AutoML, which are meant to do most of the heavy lifting for you. 

Upload the last dataset you worked with into DataRobot and let its AutoML capabilities build a slew of models for you. Then, leverage these models to get deep insights about your data. Be sure to apply the dataset size and format requirements before you upload your file..

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